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Hello! My name is Sean Buck and I have created this blog because I want to share some advice that I know mostly works for me and also try to experiment with new things. I was thinking of becoming a YouTuber but I'm kind of camera shy so optimistically this will help me to be a little more confident and bold enough to do vlogs. This blog will be to encourage and motivate people on their everyday lives. I wanted to start a blog because I feel like my passion is writing; when I'm writing down my thoughts it helps me to be better, lightens the load that I have in my brain and to see it in words is such a relief for me. I hope and pray that this blog will help people better their lives and encourages them to keep on keeping on. Right now my current situation and plan are working part-time at Old Navy and Panera in the mean time working on my blogging skills as well drawing. I not to long ago got fired from my full-time job at Wal-Mart so saving up for hopefully college or maybe I …
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Discernment part 2 & Judging

In my last post, I talked about not being afraid of watching shows or listening to music that is secular but having discernment with this type of entertainment. Go here to look at it.

The reason that I watch and listen to secular entertainment is because before when I was listening to just Christian music I felt like I had to listen to it not that I didn't want to because I think Christian music is wonderful, it's a way to praise God, and focus on HIM; I loved and still love to worship. But When I say that I felt like I had to listen to it, I mean, if I started listening to this type of entertainment and talked to people about it, who were Christians, I felt that they would be disappointed in me and judge me for listening to that music.

My Journey
A month ago or so (maybe even two months ago; I'm not sure) I volunteered at Gateway Church at the cafĂ©. I felt uncomfortable with the people there. I didn't feel welcome it was just not a pleasant experience. During that tim…